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Lee Middleton Custom Newborn Doll
Lee Middleton Custom Newborn Doll "Gosh, She's Gorgeous"
Lee Middleton Custom Newborn Doll
Lee Middleton Custom Newborn Doll "Pink Elephant"
Lee Middleton Custom Newborn Doll
Lee Middleton Custom Newborn Doll "Puppy Ruffles"
Lee Middleton Newborn Doll
Lee Middleton Newborn Doll "Mom Made Me Dress Up"
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Lot of 4 Lee Middleton Wigs ONLY for a Reborn Doll 2 Black, 2 Blonde   Middleton So Sleepy Medium Yawny Doll 2006 Club Members Reva Schick in Box   1987 Lee Middleton Devan Delightful Doll. signed & numbered w/certificate   Lee Middleton Original by Reva Blonde Girl Doll 21"   Lee Middleton 18" Baby Boy Doll Dark Hair   Lee Middleton Original Dolls RARE "SWEET AS A SONNET" Baby $185 CLEARANCE   MIDDLETON DOLL OUTFIT 21 INCH DOLL   LEE MIDDLETON DOLL - 1997 RED HAIR BLUE EYES BY REVA #111997 (149/300) RARE!   Lee Middleton Mohair Teddy Bear   VML " MY LEE " BY LEE MIDDLETON   " FIRST MOMENTS AWAKE BROWN- EYES " BY LEE MIDDLETON   " BUBBA CHUBBS" BATBOY BY LEE MIDDLETON 1984 - 22"   Cherry Blossom LEE MIDDLETON ORIGINAL DOLL VINYL 1998   LEE MIDDLETON 19 INCH VINYL DOLL "DEAR ONE SUNDAY BEST" WITH BIBLE, BOX   LEE MIDDLETON SIGNED DOLL 1996 PACIFIER DOLL   LEE MIDDLETON SIGNED DOLL 1996 PACIFIER DOLL   Lee Middleton First Moments Open Eye Baby Doll Nude 23" Long #853   Newborn Baby Lee Middleton Doll With Accessories   LEE MIDDLETON Original 18" Doll by Reva 2000 Blonde Hair Blue Eyes Clothes Shoes   Lee middleton Doll Sweet Lillies signed by REVA   Lee Middleton Doll Co. Original Kit Doll, Vintage !   Baby Grace Lee Middleton Doll   MIDDLETON NEWBORN DOLL "SWEET SUSIE"-19 in. BLOND HAIR/BLUE EYES-NEW WITH BOX   LEE MIDDLETON DOLL-Day at the Orchard- ARTIST REVA SCHICK-TOP/BOTTOM EYE LASHES   LEE MIDDLETON BABY DOLL 1996 GIRL BLONDE HAIR BROWN EYES 18"   LEE MIDDLETON REVA BABY DOLL GIRL LOT OF THREE WOW   LEE MIDDLETON REVA BREATH OF LIFE BABY MOLLY PREEMIE LIFE LIKE DOLL BOX NUMBERED   First Generation African-American, 25" vinyl doll-Lee Middleton. Eva Helland   Lee Middleton Grandmother's Dream 1998 20" # 199/2500 Signed by Reva   Lee Middleton 1996 Hershey's Chocolate Soldier IOB & COA Porcelain Vinyl Doll   LEE MIDDLETON DOLL, "Li Ying Comes Home," NEW IN BOX, NEVER DISPLAYED   LEE MIDDLETON "GENTLE TOUCH BABY" 20 in. BLOND HAIR/BLUE EYES-3 OUTFITS-2000   Lee Middleton Doll White Tiger   Lee Middleton, Original Reva Schick, Lucky Ducky Doll, w/Box, So Cute! LOOK!   LLOYD MIDDLETON 20TH ANNIVERSARY DOLL ADRIANNE COA NIB   Lee Middleton 1985 First Moments Open Eye 071785 Signed & Numbered 4899 USA Made   Lee Middleton Dolls Babblebabies New Born Nursery Angel Love Real Baby Sounds   Lee Middleton Dolls Newborn Nursery Wee Wonder Tiny Love Brown Hair, Brown Eyes   Lee Middleton dolls hang tags for Reva Schick and Eva Helland Artists Studio   Lee Middleton Party Time Reva Schick   Lee Middleton "The Forties" by Reva Schick   Lee Middleton "GOLDEN DAYS " Reva Schick Artist Studio. 62 of 600.   Lee Middleton Little One By Reva Schick 1997 Numbered 90/1000 Collectible Doll   Lee Middleton Doll By Reva 1998 Soft Body 1998   Lloyd Middleton doll 2002 Signed On Neck Brunette Long Hair Toddler 16" Clothes   LEE MIDDLETON DOLL, "CLASSIC CHARM," NEW IN BOX, NEVER DISPLAYED   Lee Middleton Dolls Reva Schick Original Limited Millennium 2000 Loving Sisters   Lee Middleton Doll 1994 #081094 Weighted