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11"Silicone Vinyl Soft Gentle Touch Reborn Doll Reborn BOY Baby with red dress
12" Reborn Baby Doll Soft Vinyl Silicone Lifelike Newborn Baby for Girl Gift
22" Handmade Realistic Reborn Baby Doll Boy Newborn Lifelike Soft Vinyl silicone
11 "Mini Cute Boy Doll Looking Real Life Whole Body Vinyl Baby Handmade Reborn
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Newborn Lifelike Silicone Handmade Vinyl Reborn Baby Doll Cotton Body Gifts   VINTAGE 50'S 12" IDEAL VINYL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL #F   VINTAGE LOT OF TWO 50'S 12" &15" VINYL IDEAL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLLS #E   3 ASIAN MIELER DOLLS BROTHER/SISTER//Baby Sister JMB JACOBSEN   REDUCED - STORYTIME PRINCESS COLLECTION DOLL SET - TOYS R US EXCLUSIVE   VINTAGE 50'S 12" IDEAL VINYL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL WITH ORG. VINTAGE PIN #E   24'' bebe Reborn Toddler Baby Doll Soft Silicone Vinyl Hair handmade Kids gift A   FRANKLIN MINT I LOVE LUCY COLLECTION OF 3 VINYL PORTRAIT DOLLS PLUS ONE ENSEMBLE   VINTAGE 50'S IDEAL VINYL SHIRLEY TEMPLE 12" DOLL #D   Reborn Baby Girl Doll Sleeping 10'' Full Vinyl Silicone Realistic Preemie Bebes`   US 22" Reborn Baby Dolls Realistic Newborn Lifelike Vinyl Boy Doll Handmade Gift   10" African American Baby Doll Black Girl Full Silicone Body Reborn Baby Dolls   Reborn Baby Girl Doll Sleeping 10'' Full Vinyl Silicone Realistic Preemie Bebes#   Old German Made Factory Lissi Doll   Vtg Maddie Mod Clone Barbie Red vinyl coat doll clothes 1970s fit 11 1/2" doll   VINTAGE LOT OF 3 VINYL IDEAL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLLS #D   Vtg Clone Maddie Mod Barbie red vinyl raincoat doll clothes 1970s fit 11 1/2"   Vtg Clone Barbie White vinyl coat clothes 1970s fit 11 1/2" doll Tressy Maddie   26 cm/11”Handmade Reborn Doll, Full Body silicone Newborn Black Skin Baby   Set Of Dolls   52cm/21" Reborn Baby Lifelike Soft Vinyl Real Life Girl Doll Kids Xmas Gift HOT   VINTAGE LOT OF 2, 1 50'S IDEAL VINYL & 1 DANBURY MINT SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLLS #C   11" Baby Boy Toddler Newborn Silicone Soft Realistic Reborn Dolls Baby Gifts   24'' Reborn Toddler Baby Dolls Vinyl Silicone Long Hair Doll Kids Xmas Gift NEW   Cute Simulation Twins Baby 11 '' Reborn Doll Vinyl Handmade Baby Fashion Toys   42CM Lifelike cute reborn baby girl doll soft silicone vinyl magnet pacifier HOT   17.5 in Porcelain Lifelike Baby Doll   Madame Alexander's 11" Baby Doll~Vinyl/cloth   Vinyl Troll Pencil Topper Pink Hair 1 1/2" Tall 1980's Era China   17in Porcelain Lifelike Doll   Vintage 1950s My Treasures Vinyl Box Teen Age Ponytail Dateline   28in “Annabelle” Ruth Treffeisen Vinyl Doll   Pair of Precious Moments Porcelain Dolls Enesco 17in   Full Body silicone Doll Reborn Vinyl Newborn Girl Handmade 11'' Birthday Gifts   11 "Mini Cute Reborn Male Doll Body Soft Silicone Production DIY Home Toys   ASTHON DRAKE BABY GIRL VINYL SOFT DOLL BY LINDA MURRAY, 23" SIZE   Handmade Soft Vinyl Toys 11 "Sleeping Neonatal Reborn Doll Girl Reality Baby   ASTHON DRAKE BABY GIRL VINYL SOFT DOLL BY WALTRAUD HANL ADG, 19" SIZE   3 Vintage Vinyl KEWPIE DOLLS -Two 5" & One 5 1/2" Cute   Vintage 1950's 1960's Rubbery Baby Doll 9" Tall Molded Hair No Marker Marking #7   Full Body Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls Lifelike 22" Baby Dolls Pink Clothes New   18" Vintage 1966 EEGEE Vinyl Baby Doll   Eyes Closed Sleeping Girl Doll Full Body Silicone 10 "Reboen Doll Handmade Cute   New! 14" My Sweet Baby Girl DOLL w/Pacifer Dress/Diaper HONESTLY CUTE Blond   VINTAGE 12" 50'S IDEAL VINYL SHIRLEY TEMPLE DOLL #A   Mini 10 '' Rebirth Doll Body Silicone Production Safety Non-Toxic Cute Sleep Toy   DISNEY "BRAVE" 14" TODDLER MERIDA DOLL--NUDE,, ALL VINYL   10" Reborn Twin Boy & Girl Doll Silicone Lifelike Baby Dolls Preemie Bebes 2 pcs