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Vintage 20
Vintage 20" EFFANBEE DOLL Drink & Wet O/C Eyes Extra Joints Soft Vinyl Poseable
Effanbee Doll  Cinderella Style no. FB 7360  17 inches tall.
Effanbee Doll Cinderella Style no. FB 7360 17 inches tall.
Vintage Effanbee Doll Company - Arabian Nights Collection | Scherezade (MIB)
Vintage Effanbee Doll Company - Arabian Nights Collection | Scherezade (MIB)
Effanbee " Winter Patsy Doll "
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1987 EFFANBEE Storybook Collection Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Doll w/ Stand #1169   Vintage 1980 Effanbee Doll #8180 Cloth Vinyl Sleep Eyes 12"   1981 Effanbee Four Seasons Collection Summer Doll   Great Pair ~Jan Hagara Effanbee vinyl/cloth "Belinda & Bobby" mint-in-box dolls   1978 vintage, Effanbee GIBSON GIRL #1554 doll, mint-in-box with accessories XLNT   Beautiful 17 inch, Mint In Box, Effanbee "Cinderella" doll, c1987, #FB73060   VINTAGE EFFANBEE STORYBOOK DOLL MUSKETEER #1183 11" NIB   1981 Effanbee Four Seasons Collection Autumn Doll   1981 Effanbee Four Seasons Collection Spring #3531   EFFANBEE BABY DOLL 18" COMPOSITION & CLOTH ORIG. OUTFIT + BONNET   Rare find...Antique Effanbee F&B 16" 1930's Lambkins Composition doll   1981 Effanbee Four Seasons Collection Winter Doll #3531   2001 8" KEWPIE CHRISTMAS DOLL BY EFFANBEE-MADE IN CHINA   1981 Effanbee Four Seasons Collection Spring #3531   1981 John Wayne "American Guardian of the West" Effanbee Doll   1983 Groucho Marx Effanbee Doll Legend Series   Effanbee Doll "MISS KITTY" 24 Inch Showgirl of the Old West - NIB   1985 Lucille Ball   1984 Judy Garland as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz   3 1940's Vintage Dolls 1w movable arms & closing eyes, 2 w movable arms   1981 John Wayne "Symbol of the West"   lot 6 dolls DOLL partS madame Alexander Effanbee Miss Chips Tiffany Taylor   Antique "CUDDLES" Effanbee doll Made in the U.S.A.   1982 Mae West "COME UP and SEE ME SOMETIME GAL"   Effanbee doll " Tuesday's Child is full..." - Day By Day series vinyl 11"; ns-14   Effanbee doll vinyl/cloth body "Mama's Baby' 25" doll; 1983 #9983 ns-124   Effanbee doll 'BABY LISA' vinyl body 10" doll; 1980 nm-542   Vintage Doll Lot Effanbee Gigi Alexander Mary Ann Dolls   Vintage Effanbee 15" Doll Grand Dames Collection Downing Square Hand Tag   1978 VINTAGE EFFANBEE GRANDES DAMES "FLEURETTE" 18"   Vintage Effanbee 13” Baby Girl doll, vinyl (1969)   EFFANBEE's PATSYETTE PAPER DOLLS   Effanbee’s Candy Kid & Honey Paper Dolls John Axe UNCUT, EUC   EFFANBEE's WEE PATSY PAPER DOLLS & PLAYHOUSE   EFFANBEE -- A Collector's Encyclopedia 1949 - Present -- By John Axe   PATSY Doll Family Encyclopedia Volume 2 -- By Patricia N. Schoonmaker   1930s Patsy Babyette Composition Head/Cloth Body   Lot Of 2 Effanbee Patricia Kin Dolls With One Trunk & Accessories   Vintage Effanbee Doll 1969   Effanbee Patsy Doll Family Hard Cover Encyclopedia Vol 1 Patricia Schoonmaker   2004 Tonner Effanbee Patsyette Fashion- Square Dance   EFFANBEE DOLL - "MISS GERMANY" DOLL -NUMBER 1103 EUC   EFFANBEE LITTLE RASCAL'S DOG PETEY IN BOX 1989   Effanbee Collector July "Remembrance Dolls of the Month" 1987   Vintage Effanbee 1981 Four Seasons Series 14" Doll   Vintage Effanbee Doll 14" for repair   VIntage Effanbee Composition Doll - Light Hair, Brown Eyes Sweetie Pie (?)   1935, Effanbee Anne Shirley All Composition 18" Clear Blue Eyes, Human Hair Wig