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Effanbee Story Book Doll
Effanbee Story Book Doll "Mary Mary" #1179 12" tall Very Good Condition
Effanbee #7501 & 7511 Chinese Boy/Girl with Boxes/Tags  Tiger & Orange Blossom
Effanbee #7501 & 7511 Chinese Boy/Girl with Boxes/Tags Tiger & Orange Blossom
Effanbee Doll
Effanbee Doll "JOHN WAYNE" From Estate Purchase 1981 2nd in Series
Effanbee Doll
Effanbee Doll "THEODORE ROOSEVELT" 1985 Presidents Collection - Box/Original Tag
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Vintage Lot 2 Effanbee Storybook Gigi Paper Doll Book books Uncut 1979   effanbee Doll New Old Stock Sissy From One World Collection   Prince Charming Doll by Effanbee   Tonner Effanbee Brenda Starr HOLIDAY GRAND - Nude Doll Only 2007 LE 300   Precious Vintage Effanbee Snow White Storybook Collection 9" Doll With Stand   Effanbee 12" Susan Stormalong 5 YR Old Stormie Dewees Cochran Grow-Up Doll 1999   1940's Effanbee 20" Composition & Cloth Sweetie Pie Doll W/ Flirty Eyes MA38   EFFANBEE Tom Sawyer GREAT MOMENTS IN LITERATURE 1985 Mark Twain Collection   EFFENBEE 11" International Doll   Vintage 1976 Effanbee Storybook Gretel 11" Doll with stand   VINTAGE 19" FLIRTY EYE EFFANBEE BOY DOLL WITH ORIGINAL CLOTHES   Little rascals doll   Effanbee Andrew Jackson Doll presidents collection 1989   EFFANBEE BRENDA STARR REPORTER PEIGNOIR SET COA USED   EFFANBEE LITTLE RASCALS OUR GANG - BUCKWHEAT DOLL 1989 New OLD Stock   1982 John Wayne American Guardian of the West 18" Effanbee Doll NM   Vintage Collectible Effanbee 11" Vinyl Doll #1176 dated 1975   VINTAGE EFFANBEE DOLL Co PATSY DOLL with TAGS   ANTIQUE EFFANBEE BABY DOLL LAMBKINS COMPOSISTION HAS GOLD RING   VINTAGE ORIGINAL DESIGN OF CINDY McCLURE PORCELAIN DOLL LITTLE BO PEEP 18"   Queen Isabella King Ferdinand Effanbee Doll company 1989 New World Collection   Vintage Hard Plastic Effanbee Doll 16"   Vintage Effanbee Doll 11" Summer Grande Dame, Cute!   Original Vintage Nassau Bahamas Island Male & Female Dolls Exc Condition 12"   Original Vintage Nassau Bahamas Island Female Doll Excellent Condition 8.5 "   Original Vintage Nassau Bahamas Island Female Doll Excellent Condition 11"   Vintage EFFANBEE composition & cloth TOMMY TUCKER or MICKEY or BRIGHT EYES?   Effanbee Vintage Storybook Doll Gretel   Lot of 2 Effanbee dolls- REMEMBRANCE DOLL OF THE MONTH MONDAY - GRAND DAMES   Lot of 2 Effanbee Dolls Hans Brinker 11" & Miss International 11"   Vintage "Buttons" The Effanbee Monk Brad Collectable Button   Adorable EFFANBEE 1968 Vintage 16 inch PEACHES or TWINKIE ? Baby Doll Dress   EFFANBEE INTRAD DOLL 8" HONG KONG BLONDE HAIR 1982 VINTAGE   Linda Lee Sutton/Effanbee Doll 1993 A CURRIER & IVES CHRISTMAS W/TAG   Effanbee Bear Essentials Keebler Mohair Bear ~ 10" Multi-Colored w/Jester Collar   Effanbee 11" Composition Patsy Jr. - no clothes, missing a pointer finger, needs   Vintage Cinderella Doll - In Original Dress And Shoes Made By Sayco   1983 Effanbee Grandes Dames Doll - STEPHANIE #1557 - Excellent Condition   FIRST HOLY COMMUNION DOLL, NIB SPECIAL MOMENTS EFFANBEE DOLL 1994   EFFANBEE LITTLE LADY ANN SHIRLEY 1940s 18" COMPOSITION DOLL GREAT CONDITION   EFFANBEE 15" 1985 Lucille Ball Doll   Judy Garland as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz Doll Effanbee Toto Too Mint in Box   GADCO Bruno Rossellini's "MONROE KOHL" Cologne Germany   RARE 1966 VINTAGE ANTIQUE NEW IN BOX 12" PLATINUM BLACK AMERICANA EFFANBEE DOLL   Jack Effanbee Doll Vintage 1975 from Jack & Jill Rhyme Storybook Doll #1186   18" Composition Effanbee Patsy Ann PAT#1283558   Effanbee Dewees Cochran Cindy The Modern Cinderella NIB COA   Wizard of oz "Effanbee" Dorothy - circa, 1984