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1  Effanbee Doll 2500 L Sleepy Eyes Drinks Wets Vintage and 2 Chatty Babies
1 Effanbee Doll 2500 L Sleepy Eyes Drinks Wets Vintage and 2 Chatty Babies
1976 Effanbee 12
1976 Effanbee 12" LITTLE BO PEEP Story Land Baby Doll
LAVENDER Heart Cut-Out  Doll Shoes Fits 18
LAVENDER Heart Cut-Out Doll Shoes Fits 18" Effanbee Katie Doll Debs
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EFFANBEE BROADWAY DOLL from "Little Old New York" ~17" articulated vinyl   Effanbee 1950's Mickey The All American Doll Boy Football #10   Effanbee Doll Co #9605 - 9" Patsyette Doll Hat Box Set 4 Outfits Limited Ed. COA   Effanbee Patsy Joan 1995 Limited Edition Replica Doll (P)   Effanbee Hattie Doll CHRISTMAS Decoration 1978 VINYL DOLL Vintage   Vintage Effanbee Four Seasons Collection Winter Doll   EFFANBEE RENAISSANCE HOLIDAY ANGEL TREE TOPPER DOLL IN WHITE & GOLD MIB NEW   1988 Effanbee Li'l Innocents Mary Sue Doll Style 2815 9" With Pigtails   1980 Vinyl Effanbee Doll Day by Day 12" with Present Very Sweet! Sleep Eyes   Effanbee - Ireland International Collection Doll   Vintage Effanbee Patsy doll 13 inch   EFFANBEE PATSYETTE BOY SUMMER FAIR 9 INCH DOLL 1931 REPRO MINT IN BOX W/COA CUTE   Vintage Effanbee Patsy Ann Composition Doll - 19"- 1930'S   9" Effanbee 1990's Sammie Doll In Camisole W/ Box Stand Blonde Hair   Vintage Effanbee Doll Needs Repair Marked!   COMPOSITION 13" EFFANBEE PATSY ANN DOLL   VINTAGE EFFANBEE 25" FLIRTY EYED COMPOSITION CLOTH TOMMY TUCKER/ MICKY DOLL   15" COMPOSITION EFFANBEE ANN SHIRLEY DOLL, PARTS OR REPAIR DOLL   Baby Doll Trains Cows Print Robe Dy-Dee Baby, Tiny Tears Medium Doll Vintage   Lous "Satchmo" Armstrong 15"doll   Effanbee Wee Patsy Doll CINDERELLS 5" H with Box Mini   Vintage 1996 George Burns Effanbee Doll Company Collectible Legends Series Doll   Effanbee Wee Patsy Doll Alice in Wonderland 5" H w/ Box Mini   shirley Temple doll16 1/2" Ideal   Tonner Effanbee 16" Brenda Starr Lingerie Starter Doll V2005 Retired NIB NRFB   Vtg Effanbee Cuddles Doll   11" Vintage Effanbee Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch Doll in Box #1169   Vintage Doll Baby Romper Top Nautical Print Effanbee Dy Dee Tiny Tears Size MINT   Old Woman in the Shoe, Effanbee Doll   Patsy Joan - Effanbee Dolls   11" Effanbee Old Mac Donald Doll   Mae West, Effanbee Doll   One World Collection, Effanbee Doll, (Kim)   George Burns ,1995 Effanbee Doll ,The Legend Series   Patsy Joan - Sailor Girl Doll   Jan Hagana, Effanbee Doll, "Larry"   Jan Hagara Collectible Doll, Effanbee, "Laurel"   Walt Disney Productions-Effanbee Doll (Prince Charming)   Effanbee 14" inch Doll, "Goya's Don Manuel Osorio"   One World Collection, Effanbee Doll, (Sissy)   Knowles-Toys and Tots, "Mary,Mary,Quite Contrary." Doll   Vintage Effanbee Snow White 1180   Vintage Effanbee International 1184 Goldilocks   EFFANBEE Vintage 1976 Collectible Doll 12" Sleepy Eyes LITTLE BO-PEEP #1177   Effanbee Doll "Sweden" 11" Vintage 1976 1111   Vintage Effanbee Doll - Storyland Cinderella -- 11" 1176   Effanbee Vintage Doll, Mother Hubbard # 1188 from the Story Book Collection   Vintage Effanbee Storybook Doll1976 Heidi #1191