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Jesmar E6 1994 Cocolin doll 15
Jesmar E6 1994 Cocolin doll 15" original clothes unusual earrings
VINTAGE Lot Of 2 Cabbage patch Jesmar Red Dolls  ☆MADE IN SPAIN ☆
VINTAGE Lot Of 2 Cabbage patch Jesmar Red Dolls ☆MADE IN SPAIN ☆
Cabbage Patch Kids Jesmar girl*Red Ponies *Blue  eyes *#3HM*Tan face*OK tag
Cabbage Patch Kids Jesmar girl*Red Ponies *Blue eyes *#3HM*Tan face*OK tag
Vintage Sweet Cabbage Patch Jesmar pacifier blonde braids girl blue eyes dimples
Vintage Sweet Cabbage Patch Jesmar pacifier blonde braids girl blue eyes dimples
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Vintage CPK CABBAGE PATCH KIDS Boy Doll blonde shag freckles dressed JESMAR   vintage JESMAR cabbage patch   Vintage Jesmar Doll 1990 12" Original Clothes   Cabbage Patch Kid Girl Doll Vtg Jesmar Spain Red Hair Pigtails Green Eyes 1985   Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Les Patoufs French Jesmar #3 Auburn Fuzzy Boy   Vintage 1980s Jesmar realistic boy doll   2 CPK Dolls. 1 Jesmar Made In Spain, 1 Baby With Paci. Read Description Please🌸   Jesmar Vinyl Doll African American "Josh" Jesus Juan Perez Designer NEW w/COA   Vintage very rare migliorati (jesmar like ) closed eyes baby doll boy 19"   Cabbage Patch Jesmar Red Ponytails Blue Eyes Freckles No. 4 Black Signature   Jesmar Vintage Cabbage Patch Doll   1984 Vintage Jesmar Cabbage Patch Doll   Jesmar Spain Baldie Cabbage Patch Doll with 3 PC. Jesmar Outfit # 2   VINTAGE Lot Of 2 Cabbage patch Jesmar dolls, boy & girl blue eyes BEAUTIFUL   Jesmar Cabbage Patch Boy #4 Head mold Brown Hair & Eyes   Vintage Jesmar Made in Spain 19" Realistic Baby Doll Original Clothes   ORIGINAL CABBAGE PATCH DOLL TAN WHEAT PONYTAIL BLUE EYES JESMAR EXC (1)   ORIGINAL CABBAGE PATCH DOLL RARE WHEAT LOOP HEAD FRECKLES BOY JESMAR EXC (1)   Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Jesmar Girl Red Poodle #1 Girl   Jesmar Cabbage Patch Kid Boy   Vintage Jesmar 18" Sleepy Eye Doll With Clothes   Vintage Jesmar Baby Doll Pacifer Original Outfit Rubber/Fabric 7"   Vintage Sweet Cabbage Patch Jesmar pacifier blonde braids girl blue eyes dimples   JESMAR battery DOLL LARGE 16" , VINTAGE BLONDE HAIR BLUE EYES MADE IN SPAIN   VTG JESMAR BABY DOLL POUPPE SNIFFLE *CHIQUI*17 inch1980'S "SPAIN -MIB! VERY RARE   1995 18" doll by JESUS JUAN PEREZ - made in spain JESMAR   Jesmar Cabbage Patch Kids CPK Doll Boy 1984 Freckles Elephant Red Overall Suit   Jesmar 18 inch Doll 1995 blonde, freckles, soft body ,vinyl limbs made in spain   UNUSUAL RARE JESMAR MADE IN SPAIN BABY DOLL. BAMBI OUTFIT. SPONGE ARMS TUBES.   Jesmar Baby Doll 21" Thumb Sucker Sleepy Eyes 1992   "Boutique" Doll "Jesmar" From Espana with Sleepy Eyes - NIB (L112   Cabbage Patch Kids Vintage Jesmar Boy Tan fuzzy hair and freckles*#2HM*EUC   JESMAR 1995 SPANISH DOLL 26 inch. tall   1984 HTF Cabbage Patch Kids CPK Jesmar Girl with Pacifier ** GORGEOUS DOLL**   1995 18" doll by JESUS JUAN PEREZ - Made in Spain JESMAR   Vintage JESMAR Anatomically Correct TWIN Dolls Boy & Girl Reborn PREEMIE w Gowns   JESMAR VINTAGE DOLL MIRYAM 1970-1980 NEW   ORIGINAL CABBAGE PATCH DOLL RARE FUZZY HEAD FRECKLES BOY JESMAR EXC (7)   Vintage Jesmar Ice Cream Rag Doll yarn hair   cabbage patch jesmar boy   Jesmar African American 15 inch anatomically correct boy doll   CABBAGE PATCH VINTAGE JESMAR SPAIN BLUE SIG DATED 1985 NEW CLOTHES   ORIGINAL CABBAGE PATCH DOLL LEMONHEAD SHORT LOOP FRECKLES JESMAR (4)   Vintage Jesmar Anatomically Correct Dolls Girl Reborn with diaper   1984 Jesmar Cabbage Patch Boy Blonde Freckles Blue Eyes Open Mouth Clown Doll   1980s 1990s Jesmar Brand BIG Doll Pull Hair and Gets Longer and Shorter   Cabbage Patch Jesmar Les Patoufs Birth Certificate   JESMAR NEWBORN LIFE LIKE BABY Girl Doll