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US 3151j Classic American Dolls Scootles 32c single MNH 1997
US 3151j Classic American Dolls Scootles 32c single MNH 1997
1925 KEWPIEVILLE  Rose O'NEILL. May 1925. Scootles The Baby, The Police.
1925 KEWPIEVILLE Rose O'NEILL. May 1925. Scootles The Baby, The Police.
Vintage Pair of Cameo
Vintage Pair of Cameo "Scootles" Dolls
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4" Artist Made Scootles with Baby Bottle And Tiny Kewpie   L405 VIntage Scootles Lee Middleton Postage Stamp Series Doll VSC-ST 1997   Antique 12" Cameo Scootles by Rose O'Neill Composition Original Wrist Tag c.1925   12" tall, antique composition SCOOTLES doll, Rose O'Neill design by Cameo, 1925   1991 JESCO SCOOTLES 14" KEWPIE PORCELAIN DOLL, NR! LQQK!   Antique Cameo Joseph Kallus Scootles Doll - 12" Rare Black Composition Doll   1997 Scootles Classic American Stamp Doll-FREE STAMPS-RoseO'Neill-Lee Middleton   VINTAGE 4 1/2" ALL BISQUE SCOOTLES DOLL   Scootles Tac Pin 32 Cent Stamp Scootles Rose O'Neill Kewpies Kewpie   Scootles Doll   Rose O'Neill's Scootles Classic American Dolls by Lee Middleton Original Dolls   R. John Wright Collectors Club 7" Felt Sunshine Scootles Doll   Collecting Rose O'Neill's Kewpies Kewpie Doll Ref Book Scootles Kewpidoodle   Vintage Pair of Cameo "Scootles" Dolls   Precious black, 12" jointed hard vinyl "Scootles" type doll 1991~mint condition   Rose O'Neal "Scootles" by Lee Middleton 1997 USPS Stamp Design - NIB w/Tag   JESCO'S SCOOTLES Porcelain Doll w/Dress & Shoes 14" Production Limited to 1990   1925 SCOOTLES DOLL 13"composition STARFISH HANDS Rose O’Neill   1964 vintage, 16" vinyl Rose O'Neill, Scootles doll by Cameo (Maxine's Ltd. Ed.)   Early Antique 6.5" Rose O'Neill All Bisque Scootles   RARE size Cameo, 8" jointed composition SCOOTLES (O'Neill Kewpie) doll very good   R. John Wright Peppermint Scootles Kewpie doll L'td Ed. #106 / 300 MIB sgnd. COA   R. JOHN WRIGHT CELEBRATION SCOOTLES 2011 LTD EDITION WRIGHT CONVENTION CSC   NEWLY MADE SUN SUIT 12"-13" PINK W/ FLOWERS FABRIC KEWPIE SCOOTLES GIGGLES DOLL   NEWLY MADE SUN SUIT 12"-13" PINK W/RED/BLUE FABRIC KEWPIE SCOOTLES GIGGLES DOLL   VTG ALL BISQUE FULLY JOINTED 5.5 inch SCOOTLES KEWPIE GLASS EYES EUC. MARKED   7" Artist Made All Bisque REPRODUCTION Kewpie Scootles Doll   Vintage Rose O'Neill Scootles composition kewpie 13", 1925   DAISY KINGDOM DOLL SCOOTLES' FACE 13"TALL VINYL ALL ORIGINAL TAGGED DRESS 1991   Scootles Artist Doll VTG Reproduction 6.5 Inches All Bisque McNees Mold 1001   VINTAGE MINT IN BOX W/WRIST TAG SCOOTLES CAMEO DOLL ROSE O'NEILL 16" LTD   Kewpie Doll "Scootles" Cameo Collectible   Kewpie for Collectors Kewpie, Rose O'Neill, Giggles, Scootles, Bisque, Hard Plas   JESCO SCOOTLES Little Girl 11" KEWPIE PORCELAIN DOLL   Cameo "Scootles" Baby Doll, blinking eyes, moving neck, shoulders,   1964 Cameo Scootles Doll 11" Clothing by Shirley Pepys, Original Tag by Jesco   Set of 3 Vintage Style Kewpie & Scootles Ornamnets   R JOHN WRIGHT'S "SUNSHINE SCOOTLES" 7" DOLL-FELT-FULLY JOINTED COLLECTORS CLUB   Vintage 1936 Scootles and Kewpie Cut Out Paper Doll Book Cute!   1991 Daisy Kingdom DAISY BABY DOLL 12 Inch Socks Shoes Scootles VGC   Daisy Kingdom 1991 Vinyl Scootles Doll & Christmas Noel Outfit w/ Bonnet & Shoes   Scootles 15" all compo jointed doll c1925 Cameo Doll Co   Antique 1925 Cameo Scootles 16" Composite Doll Original Outfit- GREAT Condition   Antique 13.5" Composition Cameo Scootles Tagged Original Outfit   CUTE 5" Bisque SCOOTLES DOLL Mint in Box B. Shackman Company   RARE Vintage IDEAL Googly Eyed Hard Plastic Blue Ragsy /Scootles RATTLE doll/toy   Scootles by Middleton